E-commerce in Supply Chain Course

Duration: 3 weeks
Location: HCMC
Time: Every Saturday from 2PM to 5PM, Every Sunday from 9AM to 12PM and from 2PM to 5PM


Duration: 3 weeks

Location: HCMC


Duration: 3 weeks

Location: HCMC



In-depth understanding on managerial issues related to technology & methods for systematic development of electronic-commerce and restructuring of the enterprises throughout the creation of innovative business-models

Analyzing the business models in E-commerce and how it related to business strategy from the very beginning of implementation E-commerce concept on existed organization

Mentioning the Electronic Payment System in details operational process and understanding security requirements and issues for e-payment

Discussing the relations of Last-miles delivery in E-commerce with customer service level, and leading to understanding customer insight, targeting to optimize business’s strategy and the concept in design and setting up website for E-commerce



Chapter 1: Introduction to E-commerce

• Introduction to Ecommerce

• Overview Vietnam E-commerce market and the success businesses.

• E‐commerce V/s Traditional Commerce

• E‐Business and E‐commerce

• E-commerce and Value Chain

• Electronic Data Interchange [EDI]

• Order fulfillment process in E-commerce

• Importance of E‐commerce

– E-Commerce offers the following to business organisations.

– Benefits of E-Commerce to Consumers

– Benefits of E-Commerce to Society

• Limitations of E-Commerce

• Limitations or disadvantages of E-Commerce to organisations

• Limitations of E-Commerce to Consumers

• Limitations of E-Commerce to Society

• Impacts of E‐commerce

• Challenges of E‐commerce

• Supply Chain Management and E‐Commerce

Chapter 2: Business Models of E-Commerce

• Merchant model

• Brokerage model

• Advertising model

• Mixed model

• Info-mediary model

• Subscription model

– E-commerce Models classification

– Business-to-consumer (B2C)

– Business-to-business (B2B)

– Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

– Consumer-to- business (C2B)

– Non-business and government, and organizational (intra-business)

Chapter 3: Marketing Strategies and E-commerce

• Types of web pages

• Concept and designing website for e‐commerce

• Process of setting up website for e-commerce

• Working of search engine

• Mobile commerce

Chapter 4: Electronic Payment System

• The various factors that have leaded the financial institutions to make use of electronic payments

• The Internet Payment Processing System

• COD vs various types of payment

• Basic steps of an online payment

• Various Online Payment Systems

• Prepaid and Post-Paid Payment Systems

– Prepaid payment systems

– Postpaid Payment System

– E‐Cash or Electronic cash: Electronic Cheque | Credit Cards | Smart Card |Debit Cards |Electronic Purse

• Main security requirements for e-payment

• Basic classification of e-payment systems

• Security issues on Electronic Payment System

Chapter 5: Relationship of Last-Miles delivery & E-commerce

• What is Last mile delivery?

• How customer demands are reshaping last-mile delivery

• Reroute your strategy in last mile delivery

• The Changing Dynamics of Last Mile Delivery and Logistics

• 9 trends in last-mile delivery

Chapter 6: Legal & Ethical Issue in E-Commerce

• Security Issues in E‐commerce

• Types of Threats and sources of threats

• Security tools

• Regulatory framework of E‐commerce

• Information Technology



Training schedule: Every Saturday from 2PM to 5PM, Every Sunday from 9AM to 12PM and from 2PM to 5PM

 Certification: Certificate of completion of the course “E-commerce in Supply Chain” issued by VILAS.

* Participants may continue to study the remaining 9 modules of the FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management to obtain FIATA certification – the standard of a Professional Supply Chain Manager of the Federation of Freight Forwarders International Transportation FIATA (www.fiata.com), valued Internationally and indefinitely.


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