Contract Management in Supply Chain Course

Duration: 3 weeks
Location: HCMC
Time: Every Saturday from 2PM to 5PM, Every Sunday from 9AM to 12PM and from 2PM to 5PM.


Duration: 3 weeks

Location: HCMC


Duration: 3 weeks

Location: HCMC



Appreciating the fundamentals & role of contracts in supply chains

Gainning in-depth understand about the legal aspects of a contract

Evaluating the effectiveness of a contract management team

To be able to craft a contract management plan under the awareness of dispute settlement factor

Defining the role of Procurement in contract management

Identifing, analysing and alleviating risks in contracts



Chapter 1: Introduction to Contract Management

 Introduction to Law & Contract

• Offer & Acceptance

• Questions of Jurisdiction, Law and Process May Arise

• Why Manage the Contract?

• Monitoring the Contract

• Purchasing Considerations

• Types of Business Relationship

• Contract Structure & Contents

• Process Leading to a Contract

• Terms – Conditions & Warranties

• Changing Terms in a Contract

• Transferring Rights & Obligations under the Contract

• Discharge of a Contract

• Mistakes & Misrepresentation

• Applying the Contract

• Letter of Intent

• Estimates & Quotations

• The Contract Sum

• What to Look for in a Contract?

• Insurance

Chapter 2: Contract Management Team Formation

Introduction to Contract Management Team Formation

• Teams & Types of Team

• Difference between Work Groups and Work Teams & factors Affecting Team Performance

• Conflict in Work Team

• Profile & Work Scope of the Contract Manager

• Role of Contract Administrator / Manager

• The Intertwining of Needs

• The Implications of an Incompetent Contract Manager

Chapter 3: Developing a Contract Management Plan

• Life Cycle of Contract

• Contracts Made by Tender

• Decision to Tender

• Withdrawal of Tender

• Systems Concept of Contract Management

• Guidelines on Developing a Contract Management Plan

• Formulation of Bids

Chapter 4: Procurement & Contract Management

• Role of Procurement

• Procurement Planning & Scheduling

• Logistics Plan

• Contracting Environment & Processes

• Request for Information

• Request for Proposal

• Contents of an RFP    

• Select the Winning Proposal 

• The Contract Management process 

• Getting Started on Building the Contract Management Process 

• Creating Effective Contracts 

• Contract Management Elements 

• Encouraging Improvements

Chapter 5: Administration of Contract

• Contract Administration

• People & Process

Chapter 6: Tender Evaluation & Measuring Performance

 Parameters for Measurement of Performance


 Contract Review Meeting

 Purpose of a Contract Review Meeting

 The Contract Review Report

 Measuring Progress Against Schedule

 Measuring Against Cost

 Measuring Against Quality

 Corrective Actions to be Taken

 Simple Planning Techniques


Chapter 7: Project Management Tools

• What is Project Management?

• A Project Life Cycle Model

• Characteristics of Project Work

• The Project Manager

• The Project Constraints

• Time 

• Cost 

• Scope

• Project Objectives

• Work Breakdown Structure

• Tools for Contract Management: Critical Path Analysis and the Gantt Chart

• Activity-On-Node (AON) Diagram

Chapter 8: Pre-Qualification of Suppliers

• Why Pre-qualify Suppliers?

• Supplier Qualifications

• Evaluating Suppliers

• Basic Strategy for Sourcing for Suppliers 7 step approach

• Advanced Strategy for Sourcing for Suppliers

• Grading Suppliers

• Procurement Office – The New Perception

• Sourcing Problems (Internal)

• Risks that can Impact the Buyer

• Sourcing Inertia

• Hedging your Purchases (& Sales)

Chapter 9: Termination & Conclusion

• Termination of Contracts

• The Devil is in the Details

• Close Scrutiny of Contractor

• Contingency Planning – If Contractor Fails

• Litigation    



Training schedule: Every Saturday from 2PM to 5PM, Every Sunday from 9AM to 12PM and from 2PM to 5PM

 Certification: Certificate of completion of the course “Contract Management in Supply Chain” issued by VILAS.

* Participants may continue to study the remaining 9 modules of the FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management to obtain FIATA certification – the standard of a Professional Supply Chain Manager of the Federation of Freight Forwarders International Transportation FIATA (www.fiata.com), valued Internationally and indefinitely.


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