Tailored training programs to enhance knowledge and skills of staff across your organization 

VILAS understand the value of ongoing development for every individual and organisation. We believe that in order to drive sustainable results we need to work with you to connect the dots between strategy – performance – process – people, help you remain competitive in a fast-paced evolving world.

Through in-house training packages with adjust and well-balanced curriculum according to the specific requirements of each organization, we deliver the ultimate solution to meet your customised objectives, cutting your training costs, and improving your organisation’s performance.

With the experience of cooperating with both large domestic enterprises and multinational corporations, VILAS is committed to not only professionalism in organization but also interaction, advice and sharing on mutual learning spirits among the personnel working directly in the industry.


Save money and time

Training dates, times and locations can be agreed between the team and the training provider, and wherever possible be scheduled for a date and venue that fits with the timeframes and location of the team.

Get focused content

Because this training is dedicated to a particular team, it can be targeted and tailored specifically to the needs of that team. There may be an additional cost associated with the time taken to tailor or customise training.

Engage your team members & learn from the best

Being at the same training can get the whole team on the same page with a consistent language. This allows the training instructor to contribute his expertise to help direct the learning to overcoming these real problems.

VILAS offers customized in-house training solutions for businesses seeking to develop their workforce in all supply chain functions. Training material is developed by our experts based on the organization's training goals and the specific needs of each client.




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