Financial Impact in
Supply Chain Management

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Organizations are urged to link their strategies with accurate systems of performance management. Along this line, finance – tracking, budget controlling & cost reducing represent essential activities to be performed by organizations as they implement their key operations.

It is important to consider the scope of Supply chain management is to integrate 3 flows: product, information and financial. Integrating financial strategy into Supply chain helps each party reap the benefits and opportunities while minimizing cost.

Therefore, for the next topic in Supply Chain Seminar Series A: “Creating a World Class Supply Chain Base”, VILAS brings you Seminar “Financial impact in Supply chain management”. where you can gauge the cost-benefit trade-offs and realize unused opportunities for cost reductions.

Sharing Outcomes

Analyze the scope and importance of Supply chain performance measurement under perspectives of finance

Learn the impacts of Supply chain strategies on the income statement, balance sheet & return on investment

Optimize the decision-making process through the relationship between Supply chain & profit - loss reports

Understand the use of strategic profit model, analyze the financial impacts of supply chain service failures


Session 1

Cost Management

    1. Finance in the firm’s Supply Chain
      • Relationship between financial management and financial and management accounting
      • Financial objectives and corporate strategy
    2. Cost Management
      • Cost analysis
      • The total cost of ownership
      • Collaborative approaches to cost management

Session 2

Supply Chain Performance Measurement and Financial Analysis

    1. The Supply Chain-Finance Connection
      • The Concept
      • Relationship between supply chain & finance management
        Supply chain and profit-loss reports
      • Supply chain & Balance sheet
      • Supply chain & Budgeting
    2. The Supply Chain Financial Impact
      • Channel structure management
      • Order, Procurement management
      • Production management
        Warehouse management
      • Inventory management
        Transportation management


Ms. Tran Le Na

Deputy General Director | Platinum Global

Former Chief Financial Officer | Intertek Vietnam

ACCA/ FCCA qualified and member recognized