Warehouse and
Inventory Management

36 Hours | 4 Weeks

36 Hours | 4 Weeks


To discuss the importance of warehouses and their functions as the central of supply chain;

To describe the decision-making approach used to determine the number of warehouses in the logistics system;

To evaluate the strategic role of inventory management in the warehouse performance;

To understand the fundamental differences among approaches to managing inventory and managing warehouse, along with realizing how variability in demand and order cycle length affects inventory decision making;

To demonstrate how inventory planning can be organized and managed effectively in a constantly changing business environment;

To learn how to organize a warehouse and manage your operations including the use of information and technology (IS & IT) systems to meet customer requirements.


Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Manufacturing and Production environment

Chapter 2: Manufacturing Planning & Control Hierarchy

Chapter 3: Master Production Schedule

Chapter 4: Material Requirement Planning

Chapter 5: Capacity Planning

Chapter 6: Production Acitivity Control

Hand-out: Total Quality Management


Chapter 1: Warehouse Management in Supply Chain 

Chapter 2: Warehouse Layout 

Chapter 3: Warehouse Processes 

Chapter 4: IT Application in Warehouse Management 

Chapter 5: Performance Management in Warehouse 

Chapter 6: Inventory Management 


Training schedule: Every Saturday from 2PM to 5PM, Every Sunday from 9AM to 12PM and from 2PM to 5PM

Certification: Certificate of completion of the course “Warehouse and Inventory Management” issued by VILAS.

* Participants may continue to study the remaining 9 modules of the FIATA Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management to obtain FIATA certification – the standard of a Professional Supply Chain Manager of the Federation of Freight Forwarders International Transportation FIATA (www.fiata.com), valued Internationally and indefinitely.


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