Designing Logistics Solution Course


Duration: 36 hours

Location: HCMC


Duration: 36 hours

Location: HCMC



To understand the need for outsourcing and the consideration for benefits and challanges when outsourcing for a project Designing Logistics Solution

To comprehend the role of every single contract logistics when outsourcing a 3PL contractor within a project

To acknowledge the value proposition in Logistics Service through cost and service optimization mindset

To gain the overview of project management in Logistics Service

To be able to identify the characteristics of a project and 3 main phases of a project

To comprehend the skills needed to be a good member of the project management team

To understand the logistics solution project approaches through: phased approach, problem definition, design, project realization, project schedule and roadmap evaluation

To acknowledge the techniques needed in managing different phases of a project, including: planning a project, Initiating a project and Risks & Issues management



Chapter 1: Outsourcing and Contract Logistics 

• 1.1. Outsourcing

– Reasons for outsourcing

– Considered factors in selecting Logistics Service Providers (LSPs)

– Benefit & Challenge of using 3rd-Party Logistics

– The framework for 3PL selection and Performance Management

– The future of Outsourcing 

• 1.2. Contract Logistics 

– Definition

– Role of third-party contractor 

– Contract Logistics Services Offer

– What do customers want?

– Focus technique

– Why contract Logistics fails?

• 1.3. Value Proposition

– Value Proposition in Logistics Services 

– Cost and Service Optimization mindset

– Segmentation in Logistics Services SCM Module

Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Logistics Solution

• 2.1. Why Project Management?

– Introduction and definition 

– The importance of Project in Logistics Services

– From Contract to Project 

– External vs Internal Project 

– Common Success/Unsuccess/Failure Factors 

• 2.2. Characteristics of a Project 

– Complexity 

– Uniqueness 

– Temporaries 

– 3 main Phases: Planning – Execution – Control

– Resources-oriented 

• 2.3. Skills needed in Project Management

– People Management – interpersonal communication 

– Horizontal Management

– Technical skills 

– Change Management 

Chapter 3: Logistics Solution Approaches 

• 3.1. Phased Approach

• 3.2. Problem Definition

– Data collection

– Actual situation analysis

– Description of the goals

– Project organization

• 3.3. Design

– Concept and alternative concept

– Budgeting and Cost calculation 

– Implementation plan

– Closing design phase

• 3.4. Project Realization

– Activates

– Controlling 

– Report

• 3.5. Project Schedule and roadmap


• 3.6. Case study: Warehousing Design and Solution 

 Chapter 4: Techniques in Managing a Project

• 4.1. Planning a Project

– Planning in Outline

– The role of Project Plan

– Key Players in Project Planning

– Key Issues in Project Planning

• 4.2. Initiating a Project 

– Initiating in Outline

– The relationship between Initiation and Planning 

– The Schedule of milestones 

• 4.3. Risk and issues Management 

– Risk vs Issues 

– Risk Management process 

– Risk Management tools 

– Issues



Training schedule: Every Monday – Wednesday – Friday from 6PM to 9PM.

Certification: Certificate of completion of the course “Multimodal Freight Operations” issued by VILAS.

* Participants may continue to study the remaining four modules of the VILAS Diploma in Logistics Services Management to obtain VILAS Diploma and FIATA certification – the standard of a Professional International Freight Forwarding of the Federation of Freight Forwarders International Transportation FIATA (www.fiata.com), valued Internationally and indefinitely.


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