VILAS – Welcome Letter

Dear learners,

I am delighted that you choose Vietnam Logistics and Aviation School (VILAS) as your trusted training centre to ignite your academic competency, and contribute to your future career development. With the purpose of investing in the 3-main specific groups of programs which are Logistics, Aviation and Supply Chain, VILAS – as an International Air Transport Association (IATA) Authorized Training Centre, and a validated training provider by the Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA), along with Vietnam Logistics Institute (VLI) to implement and develop training programmes of the Federation of Logistics Associations International Transport (FIATA) in Vietnam ; aims to significantly develop not only major knowledge, but also practical experiences under global standardization, along with creating the best studying environment for Vietnam labour resource to approach our values. It has been and always be our mission and passion since VILAS founding.

Recently, Logistics and Supply Chain industry have not received the development, evaluation, understanding and recognition it deserves as the matter of fact that how confusing, challenging and lacking of objectives simultaneously could be. Together with the FIATA and IATA, we commit to ‘move your career professionally’, and each of you will grow and thrive as an intellectual vitality in the ways of market demands. Every learner and researcher in this industry is an important part of VILAS community. To help you succeed in your upcoming course, you will find exceptional resources that complement what your training program offers, including our specific documents, slides, references, along with delivering practical experiences from our industry-leading trainers, who are working as Management and Director Level with in-depth knowledge. These factors reflect the core value of VILAS: contents are the quality of our training programs. Additionally, we encourage you to explore the full range of educational opportunities at VILAS throughout participating in major talk show, workshop, orientation, seminar, or simply talking with trainers to diversify your knowledge, and remembering me and the consultants are always available for your needed information.

Hence, I ensure you the commitment to enhancing your education and wish you great success in your professional endeavors which is started in here. I look forward to personally welcoming you to VILAS office, and confident that you will find this a truly exciting time to pursue your perception and accomplishment in Logistics, Aviation, and Supply Chain industry.


Nguyet Huynh

Director of VILAS